Economic Development Programs

EICC Economic Workforce Development Programs:

For more information contactEllen Bluth, Vice Chancellor for Workforce and Economic Development, 563-336-3331.

Iowa Industrial New Jobs Training Program (260E)

The Iowa New Jobs Training Program supports businesses that are creating new jobs or relocating to Iowa. The 260E program can provide funding to assist businesses with the training and development of their new employees. The objective is to build the skills of the new employees and allow them to achieve higher levels of productivity.

The New Jobs Training Program will:

  • Reimburse the company for up to 50 percent of trainees' salaries while they are learning on the job.
  • Enable the company to contract for training with the college, or other contracted services.
  • Cover 100 percent of direct training costs such as:
    • Instructional development, prescreening and assessment costs
    • Instructor salaries, travel and housing, even if they are in-house trainers
    • Training facilities, equipment, materials and supplies


Program Funding

To generate the training reimbursement funds, the college sells bond certificates to investors. The purchasing of these bond certificates by investors creates the pool of funds from which the college can reimburse a company’s training costs. In short, the investors loan the college the funds.

Paying Back The Investors

The payback of the bond certificates/loan is made by using the company’s Iowa employee withholding taxes. The program allows a company to divert a portion of the Iowa new employees’ withholding taxes over to the college. The college then uses these funds to make the bond/loan payments each year for 10 years.

To promote the creation of high-quality jobs within Iowa, a supplemental withholding tax credit may be calculated for new positions with wage levels meeting or exceeding established criteria. This extended funding source allows for an additional portion of the new employees’ payroll withholding taxes to be applied to the project, increasing the potential training funds available.


Program Eligibility

Iowa companies that are creating new jobs and are engaged in manufacturing, processing, assembling products, warehousing, wholesaling, or conducting research and development are eligible to participate in the program. Businesses engaged in the provision of services that have customers outside of Iowa may also be eligible.


Iowa Jobs Training Program (260F)

The Iowa Jobs Training Program (260F) provides state-funded forgivable loans or grants to Iowa businesses for the training and development of their existing employees. The purpose of the program is to foster growth of Iowa’s incumbent workforce, enabling the state’s business and industry to remain competitive in an ever-changing global economy.

Available training funds vary based on business need and are awarded through an application process.

Program Eligibility

Businesses eligible to participate in this program must be located in Iowa and engaged in interstate or intrastate commerce for the purpose of:

  • Manufacturing, processing, assembling products, warehousing, wholesaling
  • Conducting research and development.
  • Biotechnology, renewable energy or information technology
  • Providing services in interstate commerce


Iowa Workforce Development Center Fund

Program Purpose - This fund is one of the revenue sources that fund the 260F, training and retraining for targeted industries, innovative skills development and minority career opportunity programs. The assets of this fund are to be used to address Iowa workforce development center needs of the state by funding these training programs.

Funding Source - Upon full repayment of certificates of participation or other obligations issued to fund a 260E job training program, the certificate repayments are diverted to this fund for up to 10 years. The total amount of diversion to this fund cannot exceed $10 million per year. The diversion occurs quarterly, thus the entire appropriation from the Iowa Workforce Development Center Fund Account to the Iowa Workforce Development Center Fund is not available at the beginning of the fiscal year but rather is made available in quarterly installments.