Strategic Plan 2021-2024

战略重点:Student Success


Overall goal:Increase the number of students earning postsecondary credentials.


  • 找出阻碍成功的障碍。
  • Implement a comprehensive wraparound services plan to reduce those barriers.
  • Engage the community in improving student success.

Strategy: Increase student engagement.

  • 实施一项第一年的经验计划。
  • 创造额外的吸引人的校园体验(例如美术和表演艺术,校内/俱乐部体育活动,校园间的活动交通)。
  • 开展学生课外发展和学术活动。

Strategy: Implement a comprehensive retention plan.

  • Develop a proactive communication plan for enrolled students.
  • Fully employ Dropout Detective.
  • Implement a guided pathways structure (e.g. career exploration within a pathway during first semester).



Overall goal:Increase enrollment in education and training programs that anticipate and respond to community needs.


  • 加强对网上学生的学术支持和学生服务。
  • 在我们的区域之外(军队,其他州等)扩大利基项目,并可能在全国范围内选择项目。
  • Conduct comprehensive assessment of delivery of online programming.

Strategy: Expand CTE programming and support services.

  • Enhance academic support and student services for CTE and career academy students.
  • Build and begin operations at CTE facilities approved in the March 2020 bond referendum.
  • 扩大职业学院,包括现有的和新的项目。
  • 整合信贷和CE规划,以满足劳动力需求。
  • Enhance and integrate guided pathways from CE to CTE programming.

战略:建立从社区和k -12到EICC的强大渠道。

  • Develop recruiting messages and materials focused on value/return on investment.
  • Fully integrate guided pathways, beginning in high school.
  • Develop more work-based learning opportunities, with career exploration on the front end.
  • Create stronger connection between EICC FT faculty and high school concurrent instructors and students.
  • Develop and implement a plan to convert more students from Adult Education programs to short-term credential and credit programs.


  • Identify factors preventing individuals from enrolling and develop measures to remove or help students overcome them.
  • 建立一个更强的学分前学习过程,以吸引更多的非传统学生。
  • 审核课程安排和授课,确保学生能够获得他们想要和需要的课程。
  • Improve course placement processes and revise as necessary to ensure proper placement.


We will foster an inclusive culture that respects diversity and in which equity is a fundamental consideration for policy and decision making.

Overall goal:在学生获得机会方面实现平等,从而使学生获得成功。

Strategy: Consider all institutional operations from an equity perspective.

  • Provide employee training and professional development around equity and inclusion.
  • Develop and implement a process to review policies, procedures and decision making from an equity perspective.
  • 实施招聘、招聘和晋升措施,确保为不同类型的员工提供机会。


  • Disaggregate and analyze data to identify gaps and develop actions to address them.

Strategy: Increase outreach to underrepresented communities.

  • 针对特定的弱势群体实施招生计划。
  • 适当地让所有员工和学生参与到有目的、有针对性的社区推广和参与中。


We will foster a culture of innovation and high performance in college operations in an environment that supports risk taking.

Overall goal:Maximize effectiveness through future-focused initiatives and efficient use of resources.


  • 与教育界、工商界、市民和政府建立伙伴关系,以加强我们为学生和社会提供服务的能力。


  • Review key processes for opportunities to automate or streamline via technology.
  • 扩大在线资源和面向学生的流程。

Strategy: Create additional revenue streams

  • Secure grants that support mission-driven initiatives.
  • Identify and develop new target markets, including CTE, adults with some college, non-profit organizations, etc.


  • 实施全面的、战略性的新项目开发方法,包括更充分地将继续教育作为研究和开发功能。塞尔维亚对皇马比分预测
  • Engage more EICC employees and community partners in discussions about data and trends to identify program growth areas.

Adopted by EICC Board of Trustees November 15, 2021